Volkswagen, CARIAD and AUDI @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress

Volkswagen, CARIAD and AUDI @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress

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The Event

To recruit development professionals, the three corporate brands Volkswagen, CARIAD and AUDI made the pioneering decision to have a joint exhibition presence at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023

The booth design aimed to give potential candidates a first glimpse of their professional future in a surprising way: an extraordinary representation of a supersized workplace attracted many visitors, making the brands accessible in the truest sense. In order to overcome any spatial separation the individual CIs of the brands were subtly integrated into the overall concept. For example, the mousepad with the printed circuit traces represented the software manufacturer CARIAD, while the coffee cup in Volkswagen blue and the earbud case in AUDI black represented the two automotive manufacturers. A special common event identity was developed, which was reflected in both the design and the communicative implementation.

The interactive features at the booth, including a custom-designed game for this conference and the chance to have a high-quality social media profile picture taken, not only enhanced its overall allure but also distinguished it from the rest of the booths.