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Casta Diva Ideas

The Event

Light is Life. Festa delle Luci A2A is an immersive event promoted by A2A that turned Bergamo and Brescia into open-air museums thanks to 17 light installations by internationally renowned artists.

The artistic direction of Angelo Bonello and Francesco Paolo Conticello designed a temporal journey, consisting of 30 works of light art, starting in Brescia with Sign, the great fire around which the archaic communities gathered, and ending in Bergamo, with the challenge thrown down by the artists on what values we wish to bring into our Future.
An experiential and immersive storytelling, thanks to original music, sound effects, positioning, site-specific works created ad hoc to give added value, an indelible emotion to art experts as well as visitors. A language at once immediate and profound, an Art made accessible to all and appreciated by insiders for its universality. International collaborations include one with the LAC – Light Art Collection (Pam Toonen LAC Exhibit Curator) in Amsterdam, some of whose works have also been embellished.

Live Presentations