THE SINUOUS OVERTURE – Bulgari Immersive Room

THE SINUOUS OVERTURE – Bulgari Immersive Room

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The Serpenti icon and its infinite metamorphosis is interpreted for Bulgari in a room of magnetic charm that embraces the audience with sounds and visions, immersing them in wonder.

The genesis of The Sinuous Overture stems from a deep analysis of the Serpenti 75 global campaign and comprehensive insights into the Serpenti Icon. Inspired by Heritage, High Jewelry, and Viper jewels, the creative team wanted to create an experience that spoke of metamorphosis, infinite tales, and unparalleled craftsmanship based on three pillars: exploring Serpenti imagery, glorifying products and craftsmanship, and empowering the audience. Inside the interactive room, jewels are showcased in macroscopic detail, emphasizing subtle refinements. The audio, based on the Serpenti 75 title track, focuses on wrappability, creating an evocative aural environment with spatialized rhythms. The two soft and sinuous structures, echoing the texture of some jewels and responding almost organically to user interaction, complete the immersive experience.

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