Wärtsilä W25 hybrid launch

Wärtsilä W25 hybrid launch

Client company:
Organising company:
Wolttigroup and Movya

The Event

Wärtsilä launched their new product to their key audiences in unforgettable way by combining both live and digital experiences.

A hybrid experience was built around the extensive exhibition stand, where the launch event was combined with a digital metaverse. Wärtsilä decided to go with a virtual solution to stand out. The virtual world made the product appear more attractive, and raised the interaction and engagement of the participants to a totally new level. It also made the experience last a lot longer as the virtual lounge was built as a permanent showroom.

In creative design, it was essential to aim higher than the existing virtual or hybrid platform solutions. It needed to rise above the ordinary, still quite visual virtual experiences and truly combine the virtual and the live events seamlessly.

The launch event was planned to integrate several events and event types to one experience platform where content was used across several platforms from live events to virtual showroom and to sales presentations.

We created a bridge between the real life live events and the digital world metaverse.

Live Presentations