Top Employers Certification Celebration 2023

Top Employers Certification Celebration 2023

Client company:
Top Employers Institute
Organising company:
FX Agency

The Event

It’s the career highlight for HR professionals worldwide and we’re here to set a new standard. A stage to celebrate the achievements of 2053 top employers, live and virtual. Let the (spot)light shine!

We started off with a personalised communication journey with tailor-made content in line with the on-top-of-the-world theme. We created an advanced communication platform and toolkit, where each participant could download ready-made personalised assets to share on social media. To make it even more buzzing, we organised a series of in-person events in 14 different countries for certified Top Employers to toast, network, and be inspired. The main event itself consisted of three live shows broadcasted (and recorded) in three time zones, giving participants in all 121 countries the opportunity to attend. The late night talk show-setting with custom decor offered a personal touch, allowing the audience to interact and showcase their achievements through talks, comedy and music, led by a live studio band. Post-event, an ongoing activation campaign on a state-of-the-art communication platform held the afterglow throughout the year after the event and increased its global brand presence.

Live Presentations