Client company:
The Coca-Cola Company - Fanta España

The Event

A digital experience by Fanta to capitalise on Halloween & win over teens by being relevant to them thanks to an activation on Twitch, their preferred channel, with top influencers.

To once again surprise young people, it was necessary to add a creative twist, moving from storytelling to storyliving with an engaging story placing the brand at the heart of it in a non-intrusive way.
Thus, this time we blended live digital event, brand experience & cinema in a never done before way driven by an integrated communication strategy.
A cinematic storyline was developed around the mysterious case of a group of people missing since 1961 (Fanta’s launch date in Spain). This we turned into a teaser film shared with the audience pre-event. It was filmed in a real haunted house, which would later host the digital event and a physical consumer experience.
The live event at the Fanta Mansion evolved around a group of top influencers following clues & trying to solve the mystery, whilst guided by MC AuronPlay & under the watchful eye of viewers live on Twitch.
The finale was revealed through a short film in a 2nd live stream post-event, with an ending decided by the audience.

Live Presentations