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The Event

A creative hub where Marco and his team spent time together during the most popular and frenetic music week in Italy. It showed from a different perspective the week of a competing artist.

Due to Marco Mengoni popularity, we needed to raise the bar with a unique activation capable to reach many channels: we nailed it, opening a Temporary Bathouse in Mid February called “LIDO MENGONI” with more than 12 hours of activity, online and offline.
The Rowing Club of Sanremo became the headquarter of Marco and his team, and it had been completely transformed into a creative hub to update Marco’s fans at any ‘me.
Lido Mengoni lit up the Sanremo nightlife, involving all the guests with an evening party that was always different from the night before. A daily communication of the activities organized in order to respect the street schedule of the artist and the competition.

Live Presentations