Client company:
Volkswagen AG

The Event

The World Premiere of the all-electric ID.7 was conceived as a holistic launch campaign with a spectacular prototype that positioned the car as a benchmark making premium technology accessible to all.

In order to generate maximum attention even before the world premiere we created a special covered prototype of the ID.7: a captivating camouflage served as both a technological highlight and a striking eye-catcher. Achieved through electroluminescent car paint the vehicle emitted its own luminance. This experiential approach turned the vehicle itself into an unforgettable event.

By using a QR code pattern, the camouflage also bridged the gap to the digital world: enabling viewers to access information instantly by simply capturing a photo of the QR code with their smartphones. This interactive element added a new dimension to the overall experience, enhancing audience engagement and interaction with the vehicle’s cutting-edge features.

The car’s camouflage played a decisive role in the storytelling, becoming the leitmotif of the comprehensive communication campaign – from pre-load to the world premiere, where the camouflage was finally dropped in the most effectful way.

Live Presentations