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The Event

W2K was a virtual internal event in a TV show format for an European tech company Wolt. The event’s aim was to mark and celebrate the completion of 2000 employees worldwide.

The creative idea was driven by the main concept – involving all the employees in the creative and production process of the event. We started out as brainstorming together with the employees of Wolt, we gave them the opportunity to take the lead. It was amazing to experience how well and smoothly they came along with the idea. The employees themselves helped us to create logos, event name, videos, the award ceremony concept and the full program of the show. Our job was to keep them on track and to supervise that it will all come together as a complete conceptual solution. Wolt people were the hosts, they were part of the programme – singing, dancing, acting, interviewing, writing scripts and contributing to the event. Our creative team along with Wolt people together came up with a strong concept that now lives along as a legend on its own.