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Gouden Giraffe Event Awards Drive Thru

Gouden Giraffe Event Awards Drive Thru

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What to do with the event awards during COVID-19? Go online? But we exist for LIVE events, so the nominations, a moment of joy, HAD to be LIVE. Welcome to the Gouden Giraffe Drive Thru!

Due to restrictions for live events, the creativity was more or less forced. We choose a drive-thru concept. We asked clients and agencies to carpool together in one car. The Gouden Giraffe has 6 categories, hence we created 6 ‘stations’ to drive through. Each station was an experience on its own, and each experience ended by announcing the nominees in that category. This way they got the love, the VIP treatment and one big surprise. In other words, the cars drove into the event venue DeFabrique where another surprise experience waited behind every corner. Cars were washed, dancers and music appeared from everywhere, drinks and bites were served, and the best-known magician of the Netherlands gave a personal performance. The nominees were announced in their own love poem read by chief editor Sjoerd from organizing client at the end of each mini-experience.
We literally created 6 small events within one concept. Resulting in smiles, tears and excitement in every car…