Client company:
Volkswagen AG

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The Event

The Volkswagen Brand Experience is THE event for dealers and salespeople, motivating them to actively help make the brand’s strategic realignment into a holistic ecosystem and love brand a success.

We translated the holistic and increasingly digital Volkswagen customer experience into a spatially stunning and highly immersive live experience.
The Infinity Loop as a central element represents the infinite and constantly evolving 360° relationship between customers and brand.
As a huge, built and space-consuming element, it made our participants the center of the event and part of the staging. The Infinity Loop actively involved them in the experience and placed them in the middle of a highly dynamic show. Enclosed by two steep curves, guests experienced driving reveals and thrilling glimpses into the brand’s future – closer than ever before.
The Infinity Loop’s democratic setup also enabled eye-level communication with the 13,000 dealers and vendors. Likewise, the entire event relied on direct exchange between the brand and participants.
Based on the Infinity Loop, we rethought the entire character of the event. Away from classic frontal sound to a content and product festival.

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