Client company:
EMEL/Câmara Municipal de Lisboa/European Cyclist's Federation
Organising company:
GR8 Events

The Event

Velo-city is an international mobility conference which, brought together all those involved in the policy, promotion and provision for cycling, active mobility and sustainable urban development.

This event adopted an hybrid format, allowing people who could not be physically present, to still attend the sessions and hear from the industry’s experts. Through an exclusive platform, participants could log in and watch live and on demand sessions, network with other participants through chat, visit digital stands and feel they were actually on the venue!
Additionally, this event adopted the Silent Meeting technology which allowed the participants to be in different sessions when physically in the same space, allowed to instantly convert one-750 people center stage into two-195 and one-360 people stages and even allowed attendees to hear the sessions while they were drinking a cup of coffee at the bar.
Last but not least, the GR8 Control app managed live the attendance inside and outside the venue, checked the participant’s possession of Covid-19 certificates, analyzed daily visitors and associated each pair of Silent Meeting headphones to each participant’s badge.