Client company:
Takeda GmbH

The Event

We transformed a formerly live two-day symposium with eight presentations, an award ceremony, and various discussions into a digital, interactive, very dynamic meeting of experts in special locations.

These days digital events are often put into a studio, resulting in sitting or standing “talking heads”. We instead used a setting that had a kitchen, a studio with two settings, an outdoor area and a gondola on the rooftop. From session to session, we switched the setting, moving with the camera around, inviting the audience to explore the setting, as well as inviting them for a wide variety of interactions – content based, but also with a digital applause, counting the “applauses”.
Instead of a dry and “propper” design, we used a sketched aesthetic, allowing for fun storytelling and transforming this aesthetic also for the content collection on a chalk wall, generating common results.
Transforming a two-day digital event into real fun with all elements!