Client company:
Plombir Event / Skudras Metropole

Special Prize


The Event

An international cultural project uniting artists from Ukraine and Latvia, involving politicians and journalists to emphasize the theme of Freedom in society, supporting war victims through art.

During the Residency, unconventional and innovative art forms were employed. A collaborative artwork on the state border. Theatre readings in Riga City Council Hall involved actors and major media editors. Artists created works in a political setting, the Council Hall, including live broadcasts from Kyiv artists’ studios. Soil and artifacts from Ukraine’s most bombarded regions were integrated into artworks and performances. A press conference with sleeping in tents showed solidarity with Ukrainians robbed of their homes. Unique art tours in three languages. A gastronomic performance with a strong freedom message and interactive scenery. Special tablecloth installations let visitors imprint their voice on canvas, honoring the fallen. Rocket noises were incorporated into music using optical sensor technology. Fabrics painted in war-torn Ukraine regions were transformed by Latvian artists. Two painters collaborated on a single canvas using shared brushes, soot and ashes.

Live Presentations