CINEMA 2022. Young Ukraine

CINEMA 2022. Young Ukraine

Client company:
TVN Warner Bros. Discovery
Organising company:
TVN Warner Bros. Discovery

The Event

The Film Festival was an extraordinary initiative of the TVN Fabula which gives the creators the opportunity to express their emotions, feelings, experiences regarding the war in Ukraine.

Through the festival the organizers wanted to respond to the needs of filmmakers who, despite lately insecurity regarding pandemic, now by the Russian aggression in Ukraine. In order to collect the effects of various current initiatives – in schools but not only – shot with cameras, cameras or telephones and to use this potential, the filmmakers were given TVN Fabula and?’s spaces.

CINEMA 2022 was the unique project which connected filmmakers with our audience. TVN Fabula once more created a active dialogue which was needed in these hard times full of insecurity. The audience had chance to get known contemporary Ukrainian cinema as well as to see the film made during last months just before or just after the beginning of the war.