Bea World Festival
Torre Velasca Ouverture

Torre Velasca Ouverture

Client company:
Hines Italy
Organising company:
Piano B

The Event

For the first time Torre Velasca will be restored and will be renewed to the eyes of the citizens in 2023. Hines asks Piano B to accompany the tower in this journey to keep the dialogue with the city

The idea is to create a moment of strong visibility for Torre Velasca thanks to an event able to catch the public attention and to the development of a strong digital proposition that stimulate dialogue with citizens. Thus was born Torre Velasca Ouverture, an event with which the Tower greets the city before being completely covered in all its height. On 21 June, the Accademia Teatro alla Scala performed a concert from the terrace of the 25th floor of the Tower together with the children’s chorus and the solo violinist Giovanni Andrea Zanon. The concert was conducted by Speranza Scappucci from the spires of the Duomo Cathedral, and presented by the singer and presenter Elio from Terrazza Martini, creating an incredible dialogue in the sky of Milan between the three symbolic buildings of the city. At the same time, the IG @Torrevelascaofficial channel was launched: it aims to be a real social magazine through which to show the past, present and future of the symbol of Milan.