TOP LEGENDS Wayne Gretzky value-note® release

TOP LEGENDS Wayne Gretzky value-note® release

Czech Republic
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The Event

A standardised launch event of the first series of TOP LEGENDS value-note®, a premium collectible paying homage to the history and extraordinary accomplishments of an iconic figure in their field.

Innovative creativity shaped our event to support the objectives, starting with the TOP LEGENDS logo. It transformed into a multifaceted symbol: a flower, an ode to legends, and a reference to a historical engraving technique used in banknote making, Guilloché.
The product itself integrates over 8 protective technologies, each intertwined with the legend’s narrative. Our 3D product development journey spanned 5 months, meticulously recreating protective features from the actual product, ensuring unparalleled authenticity both on the LED screen on stage and in other complementary materials.
A large part of the production was focused on cinematic videos, describing the craftsmanship behind each of the value-notes®, history of Wayne Gretzky, and interviews with guest speakers.
Each of 6 videos accompanied by a 50-page-long storyboard were shot across 12 locations in the USA, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Live Presentations