Top Employers 2021 Certification Celebration

Top Employers 2021 Certification Celebration

Client company:
Top Employers Institute
Organising company:
FX Agency

The Event

For the annual global Top Employer Certification Celebration 10.000+ HR professionals across the globe came to our virtual venue to connect, celebrate their certification and get inspired.

– Personalized digital journey throughout the whole experience (pre-event/event/ post-event).
– Personalised event platform with a logo and personal information (name and picture) for every participant for pre-event registration and event information.
– Livestream page with possibility to interact during the event:
– Polls and surveys

– Intuitive and seamless navigation from plenary to breakout sessions and back during the event.
– Interactive video as opening experience where you chose your way of transport (train/plane), choose the route to the event through Amsterdam (scenic/touristy) and create your avatar (outfit/drink/photo).

Multiple custom-made virtual venues including:
360° plenary opera house with 700 VIP balconies for 5 participants, branded with the company’s logo.

Personalized group picture of the VIP balcony with company logo and avatars, which was sent afterwards, joined by an aftermovie to relive the event one more time.

AR Award App to digitally place the award