Bea World Festival
Client company:
Coca Cola European Partners
Organising company:
UP Partner Events

The Event

Coca Cola, World Beverage player, currently faces a new phase and commercial expansion, expanding the portfolio of the brand, to areas such as energy drinks, teas, and biologics alongside other novelties. We were asked in briefing to hold a corporate event for the top clients, highly experencial, to show the new philosophy, give to taste the new products, all in an unusual and high-impact form, so that the audience would never forget it.

Creative support was inspired from Coca Cola Iberia, a event already made under the name Tomorrow is now, was suggested for us to use as inspiration. There was the idea of creating spaces for experimentation, to perform the event in a different and emblematic venue, and a visual. As requirements we would have to include a bar area, a meeting area, different product tasting spaces in a dynamic way and 8 to 22 meeting rooms one to one.