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The Event

“Wild Ride” was a pop-up virtual internal event for Tele2 employees. We took 3 cars around Estonia, to go and hand over value awards to winners personally. No prerecordings, no hints, no warnings.

The creative idea was inspired and created due to the Covid situation in Estonia where social gatherings were not allowed. Despite this we wanted to recognize the employees of Tele2 but the problem was that people were at home offices all across the country. As our client Tele2 does not accept mediocre and boring solutions, we came up with an idea to challenge and surprise the employees by driving up to their doors. The virtual pop-up event happened live and nobody knew what will happen next, 3 cars drove around Estonia to knock on the winner’s doors. Prior to the event we sent mystery boxes to all the nominees which they could only open during the show. The initial goal of this was to challenge the winners in funny tasks live, to share the purest emotions with all the viewers. No one knew who was the next winner and what do they have to do next. Virtual event full of crazy challenges and surprises for people who needed recognition the most.