Czech Republic
Client company:

The Event

SKODA invited 450 journalists (plus the general public via live stream) to a special premiere event to explore its Next Level strategy which will have a lasting impact on the company’s future.

In order to bring all those aspects together, we built a holistic storyline upon the central content pillar from the brand strategy: Explore More. Subsequently we took the audience on an explorer trip into the future of SKODA.

To make it a true discovery journey we used an agile media set-up that makes full use of the 3-dimensional space. In this way, an enormous range of storytelling could be exploited, which brought the motto »Explore More« to life on stage, fueling it with ever-new perspectives.
An essential part of the dramaturgy was the change from old to new corporate design in the course of the show. We applied a fluid change of the artwork with the brand reveal as pivotal point to overcome this duality and make this transformation part of the storyline. The event motto is the constant element used in the same form and mechanic throughout the show. Moreover, it became also the red thread for the other two events – unifiying press, management and marketing communication.