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ŠKODA Cycling Events

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The Tour de France. Third largest sporting event. Broadcasted in 190 countries. One main partner: ŠKODA sponsors the “Green Jersey”, the “Red Car” and accompanies the Tour with over 200 vehicles.

We celebrate cycling for a whole year. Starting long before the Tour de France. With a website, the recruitment of our own ŠKODA cycling team, sales competitions, materials for car dealerships, road shows and at trade fairs. Together we start at cycling races in Frankfurt, Cologne and present over 1000 drivers in the ŠKODA jersey compete in six races. The team is growing. The Tour de France is getting closer.
We had TV spots, presenter spots, show our love for cycling in print motifs, online, and in numerous advertorials in the press. We offer in-car carpooling, assemble our team of dealers, press and customers. And we drive our own stage on original bikes under the guidance of 3 Tour de France winners.
We celebrate the tour in VIP tents. At the start. And the finish. And even after the tour we keep pedaling. With Oliver Mommsen and Kristina Vogel, our ŠKODA bike team gets two prominent members. We continue our ride.