Client company:
SHE Conference
Organising company:
Just Cruizin Production

The Event

SHE Conference is the largest social equity conference in Europe promoting social sustainability, and creating lasting impact for our growing global audience, across sectors and social dimensions. 

SHE2023 embraced creativity and innovation to elevate the event experience. The hybrid format, blending physical and digital realms, served as a dynamic meeting place. Attendees, partners, & speakers accessed keynotes for 90 days post-event. With 1792 logins after the conference, our hybrid approach allowed a continuous exchange of ideas.Our thematic areas allow the contributors and audience to engage deeply and contribute with their own unique perspectives and lived-experiences.We encourage our partners to form an authentic commitment to social sustainability and our thematic areas through pre- and post-conference interviews, videos, and the collaborative effort of their contributions both on stage, through workshops, and in the expo area.The interactive SHE Young stage empowered young voices,ensuring a diverse and inclusive conversation.Multimedia performances,podcasts, and Iranian artist curation added unique dimensions,making SHE2023 a transformative and forward-thinking experience

Live Presentations