Bea World Festival
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New Balls Please

The Event

In addition to white, milk and dark chocolate, Callebaut introduced as the first in the world a fourth chocolate variant; Ruby RB1 with its all natural pink colour. Chocolatiers, pastry professionals and chefs were invited to Callebaut’s exclusive launch event to come and taste this new variety and discover all the possibilities prepared by top Belgian chefs. The event hall was completely set up in pink theme and was the setting for a Ruby live experience that enchanted 450 VIP guests.

The concept of the Ruby RB1 Launch Event, revolved around Hedonism. The idea was to create a new all-sensory experience that focused on pursuing and fulfilling your own ultimate pleasure and delight. The theme of hedonism comes from the new generation of consumers, mainly millennials (18-35 years old), who balance out a healthy lifestyle with a quest for extreme pleasure. This hedonisme concept was perfectly in line with the connotation of the Ruby chocolate and could be found anywhere in the event hall, down to the smallest detail; scents, colours, make-up, tastes, visuals,..