Red Sea International Film Festival 2022

Red Sea International Film Festival 2022

Client company:
Red Sea International Film Festival
Organising company:
HQ Worlwide Shows

The Event

RSIFF is the regions newest & most prominent Film Festival tasked with building the national & regional ecosystem of Film in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its emergence in the global film industry.

Around the theme of “Film is Everything”, HQWS developed 3 common threads across the festival.
– Everything old is new again: the RSIFF is tasked with reviving the heritage of Saudi cinema for modern audiences. With curated retrospectives and restored classics, the creative concept celebrates the union between past and present.
– Everything is about to unfold: RSIFF is set to transform the filming industry by supporting filmmakers and developing know-how through funds and programs. In our narrative, everything begins rolling and unfolds as the wind of change sweeps through Saudi Arabia, redefining the festival’s position as epicentre of a cultural transformation.
– Everything in-between: RSIFF promotes a fresh cinematic vision addressing world topics with an innovative approach and immersive technology. Through the lens of the future, we created a narrative around the visual language in “film is everything” that offers colourful radiuses of knowledge and breaking stories.

Live Presentations