Jeu de Jean et Alice

Jeu de Jean et Alice

Client company:
Visit Wavre
Organising company:
Les Nocturnales ASBL

The Event

“Le Jeu de Jean et Alice” is a large-scale open-air show updated by Luc PETIT for the city of Wavre. The aim is to bring this show up to date and attract a wider audience.

The principle behind Les Nocturnales shows is to highlight not only the history of a place, but also its symbolic significance and hidden soul – in other words, the identity of the territory and the genius of its inhabitants. Promoting Belgium’s heritage has become one of the non-profit organization’s major roles. The historical and heritage site is the main actor in the event. It is not the pretext for a somewhat atypical scenario. The cultural history and soul of the place are the raw material of the story.
Uniting professional artists and resources with amateurs, and integrating the local population into the show. Luc Petit’s professionals accompanied several hundred amateur actors and extras from Wavre on stage, creating a synergy of shared experience that added value to the show.For each show, Les Nocturnales asbl’s socio-cultural approach is to unite local associations (academies, people with disabilities, local associations, folkloric groups, etc.) around a single project.

Live Presentations