Golden Egg 2023

Golden Egg 2023

Client company:
Estonian Marketing Association

The Event

The Golden Egg is an Estonian creative competition for advertising, PR, design and event marketing agencies. The main aim is to prize the most creative ideas. We celebrated the creatives and their wor

We had an idea of “Layers” on which we built our whole event.
We moved the participants along layered history and reminded them of the amazing creative works that have been made on the way, gold and heavier metal ages with known and unknown names.

We celebrated who we are and how we got here.
We took 25 years of Golden Egg competition and based the 25th event on the topics of the history divided it into five eras:
1998-2003 “Sex sells”;
2004-2008 “Everything is possible”;
2009 – 2013 “Telecom for the win”;
2014-2018 “Craft and small businesses”;
2019-2023 “Creative crisis”.

We celebrated the creatives and their work and of course Golden Egg itself! Everything had layers: the food, the decorations, the program. The event was so detailed and you could find a lot of easter eggs during the event.

Live Presentations