Client company:
Samsung Electronics GmbH
Organising company:
Cheil Germany GmbH

Category Winner

The Event

Create a multi-device & product connectivity experience to link the physical & digital through the Metaverse where Samsung reconnect people through technology ecosystem & connectivity.

In the heart and scene of Berlin, we created a multifaceted space where people were to experience connectivity in many different forms, whether through social interactions or playful multimedia experiences that showcase Samsung connected devices and their potential to elevate everyone‘s life. Samsung is connecting the digital and real world in one place.
The exhibit showed fascinating areas revealing Samsung devices and enabling the customers to enter the digital metaverse physically and also the other way around. Also from the digital metaverse it was possible to visit POP Kudamm digitally.

Connecting the unconnected and see a new world unfold

Reconnect the virtual world, a Metaverse that is representative of a always connected borderless world where people meet, play, exchange with the real world, a realverse where physical experiences with Samsung connected multi devices take place

Live Presentations