Pizza like a  Bosch

Pizza like a Bosch

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The Event

It’s a social responsibility project , to help autistic people , an inclusion project for a different Christmas , the target were consumer and employeer

In the collaboration with Nino Acampora and PizzAut, was created and include in the menu a special pizza, the pizza LIKE A BOSCH.
A pizza with a recipe that tastes good, liker one from PIZZA LIKA A BOSCH.
The ingredients? For di latte, sausages potato chips parmesan flakes basil and a drop of balsamic vinegar glaze.
The charitable proposal envisaged that anyone who ordered this special pizza in Cassina de’ Pecchi would have done a good eating well. In fact, Bosch would have doubled the proceeds and allocated the amount raised to the construction of the second PizzAut location in Monza.
A few days later, the PizzAut food truck was invited to the Bosch courtyard for an on-site tasting offered to all employees and collaborators on the occasion of the company Christmas party.

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