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JCP Nordic & Ekko Agency

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The Event

OBOS 24 – The world’s first attempt to create 24 festivals, every hour for a very special day and night.
All of the festivals were streamed live on Facebook, completing a 24-hour broadcast on Facebook live.

OBOS’ goal was to create an activation to accentuate their partnership with the festival “Oslo Sommertid”, and to offer cultural experiences to a broader audience.
By creating OBOS 24 – JCP Nordic and Ekko Agency created the best ever sponsorship recognition measured in Norway.

We wanted to use this opportunity to give back to all those who didn’t have the chance to experience ”Oslo Sommertid”, OBOS-members and non-members alike. We also aimed to strengthen ties with OBOS’ partners in the cultural field.

To achieve this, we created a mobile festival – bringing music to the places where people live, work, go to school, and hang out.

We wanted to cater to everyone, and in a vibrant city like Oslo, there is always someone awake. From the early morning garbage man to the late night club-goers, we wanted to make sure everyone could join in on the fun. So we went live for 24 hours. 24 festivals in 24 hours.

To make sure everyone in the country could take part in the event, we set up a Facebook Live broadcast with hosts in the studio who interviewed various guests and engaged the viewers with competitions and giveaways for 24 hours, in addition to the livestreams from all 24 festivals. This has now proved to be Norway’s longest Facebook Live broadcast ever.