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Live Experiences. Creating New emotions

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EDPCOOLJAZZ – Cool Energy is a festival that believes in the innovation and fusion of sounds, from blues, soul, jazz, funk and disco. An intimate environment is the starting point for an original concept that provokes unique sensations and experiences, where you can find shows from internationally renowned artists in symbolic locations in which historic heritage, coupled with nature are a statement for these hot summer nights.

Edpcooljazz stands out for many reasons: for firsts, the fact that it creates an outdoor coliseum, meaning that people can be either standing up or in a seating audience surrounded by nature.
Edpcooljazz is a festival that occurs in 3 different spaces and in separated days, which is something a bit atypical for a music festival. Besides, the program includes paid and non-paid concerts, giving the opportunity for different kinds of audience to enjoy not just the music but also the space, the nature, the architecture and the culture that all spaces where the festival is held have. It is also a very intimate festival given the fact that you can be really close to the artist.
This festival has a zero CO2 impact, because together with EDP we compensate all the emissions we make during the festival. Apart of this edpcooljazz makes a Solidary Guitar, that is an auction of a guitar signed by one of the artist where the money that is raised goes to a local institution to help people in need.