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Consumer Event
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Simmetrico Srl

The Event

Che Guevara Tu y Todos is a surprising exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan (Italy), a great narration of the story and the life of Che as a ‘man’ and as a ‘historical figure’. Fifty years after his death, the most modern technologies and the hundreds of documents and archived materials from the Centro de Estudios Che Guevara de l’Havana (including original elements) have been used to create a captivating journey through his life.

Che Guevara Tu y Todos develops philologically in three levels, which have different multi-media solutions, all captivating and with considerable communication effectiveness. Using a journalistic style of narration, the first level talks about the geopolitical context. The second level is biographical. With numerous and original archived materials, it goes through the character’s private and public experiences, such as his official speeches, his considerations on education, foreign policy and economics, the sense of the revolution and hope in New Man. Lastly, there is an a-temporal level with an intimist tone. It focuses on texts of a more personal nature, such as his diaries and letters to friends and family, and includes recordings of poems dedicated to his wife Aleida, in which doubts, contradictions and reflections take shape. From this level of narration emerges the man, the intensity of the questions Che asked himself.