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The Event

Annual convention of 2 parts: for 80 team leaders from 8 CEE countries and 500 Russia&CIS employees. Traditional incentive/sharing/strategy planning meetings – but held online for the first time.

In order to let every employee feel valued, the company hosts large scale internal events. For instance, they would host a 3-day-long summit every year, with speakers, team building activities for 700 people.

With safety measures in mind, the company started looking for new ways to arrange the summit.
For the first time the client decided to hold an online event – and we were to ‘translate’ a 2-days convention program to online broadcasting, create the sense of a united team and deliver that feeling to every viewer with energizing TV-like screen picture

Our main creative effort was to prepare the materials for demonstration. We updated the presentations approach, transforming overcrowded with information slides into concise videos – to create a more involving, TV-like energetic screen picture.
In only 1 month we managed to reshape and redesign performances for all the speakers. We spent hundreds of hours going over the materials, rearranging and rehearsing material with them.