Festival Comida Continente

Festival Comida Continente

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The Event

The Festival Comida Continente is the perfect program for an unforgettable family summer weekend, and the perfect friends meeting point.

Continente built a history of events based on the food core of the business which evolved from origin (animals and farming cultures) to gastronomy, associated with a mobilizing entertainment offer: music as an emotional engagement element.
With this, and as the pandemic hit, it was important to regain the joy of living in a post-pandemic scenario and improve even more the emotional engagement with the public.
Our inspiration was the most simple pleasures of life – Food, Music and Joy on the perfect location.
As so, Festival Comida Continente is a free entry festival in Portugal that, in just 2 days, brings together the best of food, the best of national music, the best national wines, the best commercial suppliers as part of the show and the best clients to say no to waste.
A unique scenario of the city park as an assumed differentiating element, a perfect combination between green areas, lakes, the sea and a totally safe place– the perfect fit for a family summer festival.