Bea World Festival
AlUla Moments

AlUla Moments

Client company:
Royal Commission for AlUla
Organising company:
Balich Wonder Studio

The Event

Balich Wonder Studio proudly collaborates with the Royal Commission for AlUla to produce outstanding events and experiences, to express the heritage and the beauty of this unique destination.

Hegra Candlelit Classics: is a unique performance and musical experience in the archaeological site of Hegra.Fashion Cavalry Show: the desert was the setting for an incredible show of Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture, Haute Couture and High Jewellery.Al Ula Performing arts: A performing arts and street art festival that took place in the Old Town.Garden of Moments is an interactive installation to immerse in the natural landscape.Constellation – a spectacular drone show under the sky of AlUla. Hot Air Balloons – The skies of AlUla were magically filled with 150 colourful hot air balloons for ten days. Symphony – The majestic Arch Rock was the natural setting for a live concert that blended classical music with contemporary electronics by Dardust. Sanctuary – A program of wellness courses, talks and workshops.