Client company:
Vodafone Turkey Foundation
Organising company:
Atolye Grup

Category Winner

The Event

Teaching coding, practicing makey makey and mbot innovation kits, to the children of ages between 7-14, who are living in socio/economically disadvantaged locations of Turkey, with the aim of increasing the awareness and experience of technology production.

Previously, we were able to reach out to less amount of children at pre-determined activity locations. We have designed a special truck to reach out to more children and to geographically and socio/economically disadvantaged locations. We have equipped this truck with computers, Scratch program, high speed internet, Mbot and makey makey innovation kits.

In other words, we have developed a mobile technology classroom.

We have offered them something different from their standard daily life: We invited them to the exciting world of the future by letting them live a surprisingly unique experience.