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Delicious Maslenitsa with Felix

Delicious Maslenitsa with Felix

Client company:
Nestle Russia, Purina
Organising company:
Galactic Group communcation agency

The Event

Purina Felix brand integration in traditional Maslenitsa festival in 6 major Russian cities. Felix (wuth its delicious products) chose Maslenitsa as the best focus celebration event all over Russia to raise brand awareness and emotional bond, stimulate product sales. Families with kids all over Russia were invited to share delicious treats and celebrate Maslenitsa together with playful brand character – Felix, the cleverest cat: 9000 guests, interactions, presents, sampling, social media posts

Galactic Group created and produced Felix audiopromenade – a type of interactive tour for venue visitors with headphones and a group leader – to show the winter Maslenitsa festival through the eyes of Felix – the cleverest cat. The plot of the audio piece and the activities vreated along with the tour aloowed guests to feel a little catty for a while)) WonderPURR live experience, simple and technological at the same time!