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Mercedes-Benz Global Training Experience Ibiza 2018

Mercedes-Benz Global Training Experience Ibiza 2018

Client company:
Daimler AG
Organising company:
STAGG & FRIENDS GMBH | jangled nerves

The Event

Hey Mercedes – or, how to turn a sales team into digital influencers! We fly to Ibiza for this key training step of the Mercedes-Benz car group. To a young, inspiring island that offers an ideal environment for change and transformation. For a totally new Global Training Experience 2018. Eleven weeks of back-to-back arrivals. And more than 14,700 participants from 60 markets worldwide.

Ibiza – young, inspiring and offering an ideal environment for change. There, we create the ideal playground for the digital transformation: A new Mercedes-Benz brand space, the A_lements Ibiza! An open bright space architecture designed with a club atmosphere. For dialogue and individual growth. A place full of inspiration and customer centred content. The new A_lements is to our sales team what the me convention is to MB customers. The new convention style training does not only network the participants with the future of mobility, but also with the special target group of the new A-Class. For this purpose, the training is based on digital and interactive elements, were designed and used to encourage training and constantly activate and promote the acquisition of knowledge by the sales people. In addition, the products also have to be repeatedly put in the spotlight by means of targeted product placement in the training and in the entire environment of our training campus itself.