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Daiichi-Sankyo Dach Convention 2018

Daiichi-Sankyo Dach Convention 2018

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Onliveline GmbH

The Event

In May 2018, 400 employees of Daiichi-Sankyo met in Sardinia. We provided an interactive journey offering the achievement of a next level excellence to individuals and teams. They were activated by an overarching gamification story, including excellence points for individual learnings,contributions, collaborations and team missions. All efforts could directly be implemented into daily work. Simple likes were replaced by 4000 qualified comments and 112 face2face meetings generating future impact.

Self-defined goals, learnings and personal development increase the learning success. This led us to a relevant shift of investment and attention to the time before the event. Before we developed in the workshops relevant fields of competencies for implementing the new strategy. Based on 8 clusters of competencies we invited employees to find out their specific needs. Results of self-assessment had to be discussed with the team leaders to then finetune personal competencies goals.