Bea World Festival
#PosteItaliani. Azzurri dentro.

#PosteItaliani. Azzurri dentro.

Client company:
Poste Italiane S.p.A.
Organising company:
Alphaomega Srl

The Event

An outdoor mega installation (900m2) made from a selection of 1218 selfies taken by Poste Italiane employees,which from 11/06 to 30/07,covered the entire facade of the company’s headquarters in Eur.

The thinking: Poste Italiane is the brand that has always united Italy,thanks to its thoroughness and its products and services. Just like the Italian team has always done. And here is the idea: #PosteItaliani. Azzurri dentro.A concept that expresses unity,a common passion: when the Azzurri come onto the pitch, we all proudly feel a little bit more Italian.“We at Poste, the company-country, even more so…”.How does it work?From mid-May with the hashtag #PosteItaliani. Azzurri dentro an internal communication and people engagement campaign was launched asking for selfies from all the staff.The campaign was promoted on banners/posters within the offices, DEM, the company Intranet and on the digital and social channels.A selection of 1218 portraits of Poste staff,each one becoming a pixel that put all together formed a tricolour banner of about 900 sq m,15 m wide and 60 m high. The mega banner covered the entire facade of the Poste Italia headquarters in Rome, becoming an outdoor media