TransferWise Summer Days 2019

TransferWise Summer Days 2019

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The Event

Revolutionary money transfer startup epic internal teambuilding event. Diverse and uniting at the same time. Good parallels from core business objectives.

Concept from values and product messages – It all began with Transferwise launching their card and boarderless account which is meant for … well all sorts of people actually. It’s a word play what begins with “For …” and ends with “people”. The middle part is free to fill. For the wolrd is a village people. For the jetlag people. For the live in london for a week people. etc.
We wanted to create an event which would match the same communication idea. We called it “For flying the fast flag People.” BTW, fast flag is a symbol of TransferWise.

Program diversity solution – An other important creative solution was to hold a team-building event for 1300 that would be uniting and diverse at the same time. So we changed the whole understanding of summer days program and divided it into 6 smaller team-building events, uniting them again in the evening through videos presented to everyone at the same evening.