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Mercedes-Benz Offroad Driving Experience Tunisia

Mercedes-Benz Offroad Driving Experience Tunisia

Czech Republic
Client company:
Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic
Organising company:
Fox Hunter s.r.o.

The Event

An incentive event for 60 of Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic‘s most important customers, combining elements of adrenalin, unique experiences and exotic entertainment.

The creative idea was based on the necessity to bring an absolutely unique experience to people who have seen almost everything and have been almost everywhere. We bet on the fact that most Czech men dreamed about taking part in the Dakar Rally since their childhood, in which the Czech Republic is historically one of the world’s great powers. Therefore, the idea came to bring Central European customers into the harsh conditions of the desert and experience the feelings and emotions of the Dakar rally.
The most technologically challenging aspect was to bring the brand’s and customer’s standards to a place where there is nothing, where nothing works…