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Samit Garg


Samit Garg is the Managing Director & Co-Founder of E-Factor Experiences Ltd - an experiential firm - that enjoys a near-mythological status - for crafting enviable and transformative events & experiences in the industry.
Distinctive, Revolutionary, Bold & Larger than Life - are some key words that personify him and make his approach to handling events and performances extremely unique.
After having organized the luxury events market in India into a well-formed industry, Samit is also actively working to curate and develop superlative and sustainable heritage tourism experiences for the global audience. This includes many national and international tourism IP’s and festivals that his company operates in collaboration with various state/central governments.
A prominent name in the field of experiential business, he also holds other industry body positions in Destination Promotion Bureaus, Business Forums and a few Government Committees.

He is also the President of Event & Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the apex body of the events & experiences business in India which has been continuously working on the transformation and development of the creative economy for the past 14 years.
The core principle for Samit is to leverage the valuable economic potential of natural, sporting and cultural initiatives through a holistic approach that goes beyond visualising static art galleries and museums as revenue models and build living experiential spaces and new marketplaces & cultural landmarks that will help link these traditional ecosystems to the modern world.

An award-winning project must: have IMPACTFUL OUTCOMES that are measurable.

My advice to the nominees: Loosing is not the same as being defeated. So regardless of the outcome, embrace the journey and take pride in the fact that you made it till this point.

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