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A 3-day celeb-packed Beauty Zone by perpetual boundary pushers YSL, to inspire and empower the next gen cool girls through music, dance, gaming and makeup in an all-out tribal beauty takeover.

From the beginning, our strategy team hit on a recurrent theme from their Cool Girl research. Their world is not debutante dresses and idle days, this is a generation on the move – parties, music, dancing, gaming and a beauty that’s subjective and personal. They were tired of hearing redundant and imposed beauty tropes; flawless skin, pretty face, skinny figures. They seek empowerment to be brave with beauty that led to our hero concept #PUSHTHEBOUNDARIES.

This concept of strength and confidence, together with the unique architecture of the Ash Museum’s river-side tanks and iconic location, would underpin the Beauty Zone platform’s hosting of key launch products, like the YSL’s Slim Velvet Radical in the context of an immersive brand world of different tribal zones that of DJs, Rappers, Gamers and Dancers. This all led to a large stage area live show by key performers such as Ingrita Yu of W8VES, Zhu Jingxi JING, Chace, Houhai Sharks, LimboLimbs, Empress CC! FakeGentle, and Dream Can.