YouTube Works Awards 2022

YouTube Works Awards 2022

Client company:
Google Spain
Organising company:
Sr. Goldwind and MKTG Spain

The Event

The first ever gala award event filmed in a video clip sequence shot and broadcast live in front of more than 500 viewers.

To break the mould, we created the first awards gala filmed as a continuous sequence shot and in video clip format that was inspired by the concept, “Everything Happens Inside”, a metaphor for everything that happens you can see on YouTube. Therefore, it was much more impressive to follow the gala through the 18:9 format screens that were integrated into the scenography than to see directly what was happening in person. It was a tribute to the audio-visual world which, instead of reducing reality (to a screen), can embellish it by choosing the right focus, lights, sequences, and directing the audience’s eye.
This is how we have created a new standard in the sector using a totally innovative and complex format in its implementation.

Live Presentations