Client company:
X5 Retail Group Service Center
Organising company:
Good Brand

The Event

X5 CITY is a summer corporate event aimed to increase employee loyalty, build a strong team spirit, and trigger positive emotions.

X5 CITY is a corporate event arranged as a game. The employees find themselves in an imagined city, become its citizens and get some X5 CITY cash. With this money they can participate in various entertainment and educational activities; there are also special games where you can earn some extra money.
The main element of the game is the Startup Battle, where everyone is given an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Every team can choose a business to their liking, set up a store and get down to work. The main goal is to earn as much money as you can. The Startup battle is a part of the city, and you use the same X5 CITY cash to pay for goods or services.

All these elements help create a unique involvement model similar to the market economy. The only difference here is that you both earn and spend your money as a game.