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Big Fish

The Event

Amidst the pandemic, we were challenged to create a live stream shopping experience to boost online sales of tv screens right before Euro 2020.

We created “Worten Show de Bola” for everyone to score major tv deals. The name can be loosely translated to Worten’s Ball Show.

We delivered 2h30 live on Worten’s social media profiles in format that mixed Mtv’s Ridiculousness with a late night Talk Show and, yes, live sales on tv!

A show like this deserved a luxury squad. Tv hosts and social media influencers Raminhos and Sofia Oliveira were our “coaches”. And on the bench they had famous players (Quaresma, Futre, Abel Xavier, Carlos Manuel, Mónica Mendes), Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, the very well known “soccer player” tailor Paulo Battista and actor Miguel Costa.

Our game delivered personal stories, red cards, lots of fun, smiles and prizes to those that interacted on social media. We even learned that Miguel Costa has a tattoo in Quaresma’s honor and Quaresma showed some skills in cutting Raminho’s beard.

And of course, everyone could score a major deal with awesome tv discounts.