Client company:
Stichting Uitmarkt/The Uitmarkt Foundation
Organising company:
XSAGA Festivals

Special Prize


The Event

After 42 years, the iconic and traditional ‘opening’ of the cultural season in the Netherlands was turned into a new hybrid business model, transforming a whole event agency in slipstream

Uitmarkt translates into ‘out’ and ‘market’. Exactly what it was for 42 years. Visitors of the open-air market get a taste of what makers of culture have to offer in the new season. Its objective is to make culture widely accessible, offer new talent a springboard and attract young people on their journey into culture.
Although COVID closes our physical market, it unlocks new digital chances. We created digital platform ‘Thuismarkt’ (Home market). Using the brand awareness of Uitmarkt but emphasizing how the public could use it this year; at home. The platform allows us to get into the homes of many. It could start earlier than the three days end of august. Serving both the need of the public, confined to their homes and makers -unable to perform- to create awareness and cash. The flexibility of the platform allows the audience to watch where, when and how they want. We limited content to 15 minutes serving ‘bite-size culture’ to a young generation unable to ‘digest’ long performances.