Client company:
Tata Consultancy Services
Organising company:
Tata Consultancy Services

The Event

The TCS Innovation Forum series is a set of exclusive flagship events, aimed at high-level executives. Each event aims to position TCS, its partners and customers, as thought leaders in technology.

For 14 years TCS had run its flagship IFS event as full-day physical events across 4 continents. Indeed, all major TCS events were physical. To move to a 100% digital format in 4 weeks was therefore a major innovation.

After extensive research (see later) we chose a platform that would bring unprecedented levels of sophistication to our first digital event. Named ON24, it combined the advantages of an off-the-shelf product with a bespoke solution. See later for more detail.

We then adapted it to suit a digital format. Each forum was capped at 90mins, with each segment lasting a max. 15mins to drive engagement (89% of attendees rated the event length as just right).

Renowned BBC Click presenter Spencer Kelly was chosen to MC each event live. His lively tone held audience engagement while giving the forums a premium look/feel. Live and pre-recorded content were also uniquely combined, mimicking a live event while lowering tech-based disruption.