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Organising company:
Filmmaster Events SpA

The Event

A great pre-match live ceremony, postponed by one year due the pandemic.
An institutional and symbolic high profile event celebrating UEFA EURO 2020 and the return of live entertainment to stadiums.

The concept stems from the desire to convey a simple and inspiring message: only by pooling their energies the cities and teams of EURO 2020 can once again make the hearts of fans soar.
From this metaphor, a show develops that, using 24 helium balloons as the main scenic element, builds around the choreographic action symbolic moment of great strength: from the testimony of football legends to the presence of Italian institutions, from the representation of the spirit of competition between the teams to the unity of purpose of all the countries involved, from the elegance of Italian style to the richness of European music culture. Until the magical moment when the helium balloons, united on scene in a single cluster, raise a symbolic performer above the field of play, during the unforgettable Andrea Bocelli’s performance of “Nessun Dorma”, while the stadium lights up with special pyro effects suited to the daylight conditions of the show.